Sheppy's Cider
Traditional English cider 傳統英格蘭蘋果酒
Thistly Cross cider
Scottish flavour 蘇格蘭風味
Worley's ciders
Somerset style 森麻實口味
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Ciders for You

Wanderer sources ciders around the globe and bringing your wish list onto your hand. Awesome to Enjoy cider while a walk, dining, browsing instagram, watching sport matches, playing PS4, Xbox, before a date, or without any reason.

Party Solutions

Live show, House party, Social event, Tram party, Public exhibition. Wanderer works well with party host and event organiser. Bottled ciders and draught ciders, additional F&B, human resources are available for options.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Sales, Marketing, PR for customer events, HR for staff offer, Administration for pantry filling and office party. Wanderer is experienced to work with corporates to meet your objectives at the highest standard.


Wanderer is distributing specific ciders and beverages in Hong Kong.  Please contact us if you would like to enhance your average quality of beverages in your bars, restaurants, club houses, stores or etc.

[To purchase ciders from you must be 18 years or older which complies to The Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance 2018] [於wanderercider.com購買cider時,你必須為法定成年人(年滿十八歲或以上),以符合「2018年應課稅品(修訂)條例」之規定] Dismiss