Launched by HongKongers in 2014.  In this boring city, we would like to bring fashionable and stylish beverages to everyone we meet.

Cider has the world second largest population in terms of fruit wine consumption volume.  History of cider production had been recorded back to Norman Conquest in the 11th century.
Cider makers use hundreds to thousands of apple varieties to create their own stylish ciders.  While you are tasting their cider, you are able to taste their hometown as well.
Nowadays, production and consumption of cider are very popular in Europe, America, Australia and those traditional wine production countries, especially the regions with flourishing apples, pears and grapes.  For example Somerset in England, etc.

However in Hong Kong, cider is always neglected and treated as feminine and sweet drink.
The reason is in the current cider production industry, many producers are looking for low cost but mass production.  They use concentrated juice and glucose syrup to achieve.  So the taste of the ciders become unnatural and way too sweet.

Wanderer, as a cider specialist, is dedicated to introduce unique, natural and healthy cider varieties to you.
We source ciders from everywhere in the world.  Picking on those made from 100% fresh apple juice and original ingredients.  Mainly they can be categorised by Dry, Medium, Sweet.

Still thinking cider is for ladies only or a beverage of sweet without any tasting layers?
We believe once you have tried what we have brought you, you will never regret!