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Pilton Cider Premium Variety Pack


Pilton Cider – Pilton: 750ml

Pilton Cider – Solstice: 750ml

Pilton Cider – Tamoshanta: 750ml

Pilton Cider – Max Lux 2014: 750ml

Origin: Somerset, England

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Pilton Cider – Pilton: Fresh bittersweet cider apples are partially fermented to produce a naturally medium cider without sweetening or pasteurisation.
Wild yeasts, cold cellars and the low nutrient orchards of Pilton are all key elements in the process.
Light and refreshing, it is best served chilled, as an aperitif or with food.
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Pilton Cider – Solstice: A naturally sweet keeved cider made from bittersweet cider apples harvested late, on the winter solstice.
Slowly fermented with wild yeasts, it is bottled on the Spring equinox and released on the Summer solstice.
Bursting with natural fruit flavours, Solstice is great served chilled, as an aperitif or with dessert.
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Pilton Cider – Tamoshanta: A fruity keeved cider, partially fermented in oak barrels.
Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature.
Medium sweet with smokey vanilla tannin, Tamoshanta is great served chilled, with Somerset Cheddar.
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Pilton Cider – Max Lux 2014: Made from the 2014 harvest, which enjoyed the best sunshine of the last seven years.  Using 100% bittersweet juice, fermented wild and slow through the cool winter and bottle aged on the lees since then.  Mellow tannins, subtle fruity sweetness.  Finished with hand-printed labels and wax-dipped 29mm crown caps.
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