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Party Variety Pack (Cider)


Origin of Sheppy’s Cider: Somerset, England

Origin of Worley’s Cider: Somerset, England

Origin of Thistly Cross Cider: East Lothian, Scotland


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Sheppy’s Cider with Raspberry: This cider is a delicious combination of a traditional light Somerset cider and pure raspberry juice, which creates a characterful drink with a pleasant, refreshing fruitiness.
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Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower is a fabulous combination of a light dessert apple and a fragrant elderflower infusion – the perfect cider for a summer’s afternoon. Serve slightly chilled.
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Sheppy’s 200 Special Edition: Sheppy’s 200 Special Edition Cider was introduced to the range in 2016 to celebrate 200 years and six generations of cider making in the Sheppy family.
Sheppy’s 200 Special Edition Cider is full-flavoured, with some traditional tannin undertones.
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Sheppy’s Kingston Black: Sheppy’s Kingston Black Cider is produced from a now rare old Somerset cider apple variety called Kingston Black. Believed by Somerset cider-makers to be from Kingston St Mary near Taunton, it is renowned for being one of the world’s finest cider apple varieties.
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Sheppy’s Original Cloudy: Sheppy’s Original Cloudy Cider is a light blend of David Sheppy’s traditional Somerset cider and a touch of pure cloudy apple juice to produce a lightly sparkling medium sweet cider with a crisp and fruity flavour.
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Thistly Cross Whisky Cask: Matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks this is a dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. A refreshing, complex drink to be savoured.
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Thistly Cross Real Strawberry: The Real Strawberry Infused Cider. Cider is matured with masses of pressed Scottish strawberries to make a full bodied, fruit-driven, quenching drink. Rich in colour, the mouth is full of fruit with a clean refreshing finish.
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Thistly Cross Elderflower: The flavoursome Elderflower Cider packs a serious taste punch. Blended with fresh elderflowers, colour is caramel. Fruity nose & dry on the palate. Refreshing, distinctive & zesty. Crafted with care & pride.
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Thistly Cross Fresh Root Ginger: The cider is matured with fresh-pressed root ginger. A medium dry, full bodied, spicy drink. Refreshing in summer, reviving and warming in winter. Can be served over ice or steaming hot. A Cidershed favourite.
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Harvest Moon is a memorable cider created from a blend of powerful late-season bittersweet cider apples blended with bittersharp varieties from the same period of the harvest. The result is a strong, distinctive Medium cider with bags of clean character and a noticeable sherbety-citrus note.
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